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RESCAP: REScuing Alkaline Phosphatase, is an endogenous enzyme that can treat systemic inflammation.

What is RESCAP®?

Therapeutic RESCAP® platform is developed based on Alkaline Phosphatase, a naturally occurring protein in the human body.

No adverse side effect has been observed in trials so far.

How does RESCAP® work?

RESCAP® prevents and treats systematic inflammation by neutralising and detoxifying inflammatory triggers that may derail the immune system. These triggers include danger signals (e.g. ATP released from tissue during surgery) and stranger signals (e.g. bacterial LPS entering body). This results in general protection of tissues and organs.

RESCAP® further protects, maintains and restores integrity of physiological barriers, such as Kidney Glomerulus Barrier (KGB) Blood Brain Barrier(BBB), Lung Alveolar Barrier(LAB), and Gut Barrier (GB).

Finally, RESCAP® facilitates transport of nutrients and trophins across barriers.