RESCAP Restores health

by combating age-related diseases

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We develop RESCAP for treatment of ageing-related diseases

RESCAP is the proprietary name for our medication based on the enzyme alkaline phosphatase (AP). AP exists since the earliest days of evolution, emphasizing its relevance for life. The protective levels of AP as present at young age, gradually decrease upon ageing. Supplementing these levels by RESCAP as shown in animal models strongly protects against age-related diseases.

Use op rescap

RESCAP has potential in a variety of age-related diseases


RESCAP can switch off the age-related effects of Frailty in patients


RESCAP may turn Parkinson’s diseases into a “drug-manageable” chronic condition.


RESCAP restores decreasing levels of AP-enzyme activity, which is probably one of the root-causes of diabetes.


RESCAP may strongly reduce the burden of Alzheimer’s disease by slowing down its progression.

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Scientific breakthroughs in using AP for promoting health:

A Novel Approach to Maintain Gut Mucosal Integrity Using an Oral Enzyme Supplement

Hamarneh et al show convincingly that  fasting-induced downregulation of natural alkaline phosphatase in the gut leads to a defective gut barrier function. Interestingly this functional defect of the gut can be repaired by simply adding alkaline phosphatase to the drinking water of the animals.

Intestinal alkaline phosphatase targets the gut barrier to prevent aging

Kuhn et al not only confirm that simply adding Alkaline phosphatase to the drinking water of normal mice improves their gut barrier function, and gut microflora, they also show that oral treatment with alkaline phosphatase increases their life span and health span by over 25%.  For humans this would mean that they could reach a mean age of over 100 years!