Invest in Rescap

Together we can scale up RESCAP

As pilot studies for scaling-up the production of RESCAP were successful, and plans and knowledge for it are present, scaling up is about to start as soon as funding becomes available. 


Why invest in RESCAP?

Why invest in RESCAP?

At Amrif we highly believe in the potential of RESCAP to treat the discomforts of several age-related diseases. Not only the ones we mention on our website, but many more. We even expect that RESCAP can be effective in EVERY age-related condition.

 This means that it would be likely to get an off-label prescription, even if clinical studies would

only be done in Diabetes. As a result, within a couple of years we expect that the off-label request for RESCAP in the market will explode. For that reason, we are looking for investors who want to invest in scaling up the production of RESCAP, so together we can protect ageing people from age related diseaes. 

Clinical trials

What you need to know about our progress

2003 – Phase 1 trial RESCAP kinetics
2005 – Phase 2a Tolerance RESCAP in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
2014 – Phase 2b Tolerance RESCAP in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
2011 – Phase 1/2a study with RESCAP in rheumatoid arthritis
2018 – Phase 3 study in patients undergoing cardiac surgery (ongoing)
2019 – Phase 2 study in patients with burn wounds
2020 – Phase 2 study in patients with COVID19
2021 – Phase 2 in patients undergoing kidney transplantation


Scheduled for the near future

  • Start  dose range finding study on Diabetic patients.
  • Find partners for  up-scaling the production of alkaline phosphatase….

Invest in the development of rescap

How you can help to reach our goal!

Option 1

Equity based investments.

Option 2

Work together as a hospital with investing in doing clinical trials.

Option 3

Work together as a patient organization in providing type 2 Diabetic patients to test the efficacy of oral RESCAP in type 2 diabetes.